Enviro-Friendly Red Iron Oxide 15 ml

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Serie 2. Färgens egenskaper hittar du under fliken ”mer information”. DANIEL SMITHs miljövänliga Red Iron Oxide är gjord av samma pigment som Falu Rödfärg. Den traditionella färgen som har präglat Sverige under flera århundraden finns nu i akvarellform!


DANIEL SMITH Enviro-Friendly Watercolors-the colors aren’t green, but the process is! To make these paints, we use pigments from the earth’s crust, obtained through a process known as Iron Oxide Recovery (IOR). This method removes colored iron oxides that pollute mine water, cleaning the water so it can re-enter a receiving stream-and resulting in a cleaner natural environment. The recovered iron oxide is thoroughly washed, then used to create a trio of rich colors ranging in tone from a warm golden yellow to a deep red earth to a beautiful saturated dark brown with a bluish undertone. (Info DANIEL SMITH)

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"Falun Red" Recycled Iron Oxide PBr 6


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