Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine 15 ml

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Serie 5. Färgens egenskaper hittar du under fliken ”mer information”. Underbar turkos färg direkt från naturen! Gjort av DANIEL SMITH från smyckessten direkt ifrån Sleeping Beauty gruvan!

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A unique and vibrant blue, it comes from Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Arizona where we found a deposit that lives up to our high expectations. It is lightfast and permanent, with none of the transient color fade that plagues most turquiose.Turquoise has a unique porous nature that produces granular washes. Juicy washes flow from the brush and drybrush work has the intense texture found only in a mineral pigment. Traditional mineral pigments have a muted feel, our unique Turquoise Genuine has a true brilliance. We use the highest grade mineral that is found closest to the earth’s surface, where environmental factors have enhanced the structure to gemstone quality and deepened the tonal richness to a remarkable blue.
Historic references of Turquoise date back as far as Egypt’s first dynasty. Turquoise from the American Southwest has been unearthed in Aztec ruins and Persian turquoise was used as trading currency. (Info DANIEL SMITH)

OBS: Primatekfärgerna kan av naturliga orsaker variera något i kulör vid tillverkningstillfälle.

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Genuine Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona, USA


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